For the last twenty years, I worked in marketing and created my own company, but my true passion has always been cooking and creating delicious desserts for my friends and my family.

I grew up in Paris but for most of my holiday was spent in Normandy with my grandfather who helped me to explore my cooking skills. We spent many hours together in the kitchen creating cakes, pastries and whatever came into my head.

I have always had this desire to bake but I always pushed it away because I felt I had other priority.

When I was young I often visited London and I was inspired by the music, the language, the way of life and the spirit of the city. The unique ethnic diversity of this beautiful city fascinated me and influenced my creativity.

Even though my love for Paris was deep, I finally decided after 20 years to realize my dreams, so I developed my brand of cakes for people who loved cakes and all forms of flavor.